Jubilee Place Apartments

Thirty four one bedroom apartments for seniors 55 years and over who are low income. The apartment building is located in the heart of downtown Trail within easy walking distance of all amenities (Theatre, Senior’s Centre, Shopping, Medical building). Common areas provide space for cards, social gatherings, and use for larger family celebrations. Limited parking spaces available.

Contact Details

1651 Bay Avenue Trail BC

Phone number




Managed by Trail Elderly Citizens Housing Society
Eligibility criteria

Must be 55 years or over on low income (eg Disability, GIS) . Must complete application form, show proof of income, be interviewed and have all references checked before approval of the Jubilee Place Board of Directors.

Unit type

One Bedroom apartments , 444 sq. feet in size with sizeable storage.


None provided


Wheelchair and scooter accessible. Wheelchairs and scooters must be kept in tenant’s apartment –no storage available.



Smoking/vaping policy

Not allowed on Jubilee Place property or in the building

Cannabis policy

Not allowed on Jubilee Place property or in the building


A limited number of parking spaces are available.


Tenant pays for own cable, phone, and electricity.


Sizeable storage in each apartment but no storage units are outside the building.

Air Conditioning

New HVAC Units in each apartment provide heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer.

24 hour staff


Security Access

Guests/visitors must be buzzed in at the front door by the tenant.Security cameras also in place


Bingo, card games, puzzles and social gatherings all in the common areas

Waiting List

Waiting list is approximately two years long –currently preference is given to those 65 years and over.

How to apply

Those interested in applying may go to our website at www.jubileeplace.org and print off the application form or drop by Jubilee Place Apartments 1651 Bay Avenue 10 am - 2 pm Mon-Fri and the Building Manager will be glad to give out an application. Those wishing the application mailed to them may call the Manager at ph#250-364-0331.

Additional info

Any other details not mentioned above:For more details and pictures of Jubilee Place please go to our website at www.jubileeplace.org

Jubilee Place location map